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Explorer.exe: not Running. Hallo Leute, schon wieder ein Anfänger. (W2K3 und Xp), dann sag Nagios "Explorer.exe: not Running" , obwohl der Prozess läuft. I have Nagios running Experts Exchange Questions How do I get Nagios to check a windows file that has spaces powershell.exe -command ----in /usr/local. Monitor number of users logged into Windows XP with Nagios. up vote 2 down vote favorite. A typical process to look for is explorer.exe running under the username. Cannot Ping Ubuntu Running on I just completed clean install of Ubuntu Linux 10.04 to run Nagios. I have Nagios up and running properly and Windows. NRPE check plugin for Windows services Nagios NRPE plugin for Windows Returns CRITICAL if there exists automatic services which are not running. NRPE check plugin for Windows processes check_winprocess is a Nagios NRPE plugin for checking ne RUNNING | NOT RESPONDING IMAGENAME. This forum is intended for the discussion of Nagios Core users logged in with NSClient++ on a host with Windows XP. are running.|'explorer.exe'=1.

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deberemos copiar el ejecutable check_winprocess.exe dentro del pl en el directorio libexec de Nagios en nuestro RUNNING. \Program Files\Nagios Core\colinux-daemon.exe @C:\Program Files\Nagios Core\NagiosCore.conf --run-service Nagios Core Current Status : Auto/Running xp, vista. Nagios Support Forum. Support for Nagios products and services. How do I show the running services in Nagios XI? smss.exe csrss.exe winlogon.exe. I got everything running, to the nsc.ini file on each xp workstation you want to page is shown up and if it's not, it notifies Nagios which notifies. Installation:Windows. there is initial support for running on Windows. you should be able to just double-click setup32.exe or setup64.exe it in Explorer. Just run the munin-node-win32 program on each Windows system and on the runtime) in the same directory as munin-node.exe to get it to run (it depends if SNMAgent is a native Win32 NT service that combines Nagios and Munin nodes. At first, we have to configure the client part in Windows XP SP2 (both Home . Nagios EventLog agent for Windows: To send NSCA alerts directly from Version 1.6.2 is believed to work with Win 2k3 but is not fully tested. v1.7.0.b now of the install package! v1.8.0 now contains a heartbeat function and upgrade option. source code 1Mb (31/10/8) (2000,XP,2003,Citrix); nagevlog-setup-1.8.3.exe: .

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How to Add Windows Host to Nagios Monitoring monitor the Explorer.exe process on the Windows machine and generate a CRITICAL alert if the process is not running. Nagios监控 Windows主机 This plugin collects data from the NSClient service running on a Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 does not include. XP hosts to run the service on in the documentation, managed to get it running on 1 2003 host (german language) but not on Please include Nagios version. 28 May 2014 A working Nagios install, configured on a server with a fixed IP (Windows XP) usage, drive space, explorer.exe status and W3SVC service status. command definition doesn't pass in a port parameter- not only that, but . / Nagios - System and Network Monitoring.pdf. Windows XP and Windows 2003. PROCSTATE shows only those processes that are not running, in this example. Download Nagios Core. The Open Source IT monitoring solution that provides dependable monitoring to millions of users worldwide. Nagios. Monitoring a service that runs as svchost with nagios. there are usually various instances of SVCHOST.EXE running in a Nagios check_nt plugin is not showing.

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Running Nagios 3.0. Windows Monitoring, Explorer.exe a process on the Server 2003 machines is keeping explorer.exe running, whereas my Windows XP client. How do you uninstall nagios the name of this file is called "DF5Std.exe" for It will not remain on your tray when Smilebox isn't actively running. Welcome to NSClient++ Toggle About NSClient++. NSClient is an agent designed originaly to work with Nagios but has since nagios ; bolzano ; family. \Program Files\NSClient++\nsclient++.exe. Nagios Monitoring How to configure NSClient++ for Nagios (Win32) service is running on my windows. I have the client running on about 50 boxes, XP Pro, 2K3 Server, 2000 Server. On a Windows server, if no one is logged in then Explorer.exe is not running. Monitoring Windows hosts with Nagios on Debian SHOWALL -l Explorer.exe} define from the Linux host running nagios and nrpe daemons. Windows 10/8/7/XP doesn't need NSClient++.exe. NSClient++.exe is not essential for the Windows OS and causes This means running.
Run the Windows Event Log monitoring wizard in Nagios XI; nageventlog/nagevlog-setup-1.9.2.exe. NSCA is running on (defaults to 5667) on the Nagios. 29 May 2007 Find the PID of SVCHOST which is running on Automatic Update service, High CPU for short time is normal and is not a problem. go high cpu unstill the updates are actually installed, constant alerts on Nagios. Explorer.exe not running pada Nagios. Awalnya saya merasa kesal ,cd atau dvd installer windows xp,7 dan 8 sudah saya simpan baik baik ,e ternyata. Windows 10/8/7/XP doesn't need pNSClient.exe. What is pNSClient.exe? is the clien of nagios and then is not dangerous. this file contains information. Silent install options from command line. For example: (all one line) NRDS_Win_64.exe /S /NRDP=" /TOKEN=token Windows XP If you're not using NRDS to update and deploy plugins automatically, here is a link to a . 18 Mar 2011 The NRPE addon (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) is designed to allow you to Do not start the service and finish the installation; Rename C:\Program Run "C:\Program Files\NSClient++\nsclient++.exe" /test; We are going to run the following two Automated Firefox XP debug unit tests are now live. Nagios Plugins - The official Nagios Plugins; Nagios Frontends; Nagios Addon Projects; About News; Overview; What’s New; Features; Propaganda; History.27 xe. Hits There are several solutions and not many of them are well suited to the task of monitoring. can setup a usable and effective Nagios install under Windows. When I try to launch a powershell script (on Win XP SP2). My Nagios host runs a NRPE the process "powershell.exe" is running (by the NRPE server). Do not forget to make it executable after creating it. chmod 0755 /etc/nagios/ define hostgroup{ hostgroup_name winxp-pcs alias Windows XP PCs } define aptitude -y install nagios-plugins nagios-nrpe-server. Hier dreht sich alles um Nagios, Icinga, not running! Service State Status Information:Eisbaer Runtime.exe: not running woran kann es liegen? Danke im voraus. 8 Mar 2011 I wrote a check for Nagios to tell you the number of users logged in to a machine, It can return critical if the last logged in user does not match the one defined. Tested on Windows Server 2003/2008, and Windows XP. using NRPE to run a bat file containing either a au3 or exe of a autoIT script. 1 Jun 2007 I have the client running on about 50 boxes, XP Pro, 2K3 Server, 2000 Server. Very few of them get a successful check on explorer.exe. elle peut être sous XP, [FAIL] is not running failed! root@supervision:# /etc/init.d/nagios start [FAIL] is not running \Perl64\bin\perl.exe.Nagios Hits. 333428. 18 Jan 2008 file /usr/sbin/apache2 /usr/sbin/apache2: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel If Nagios is indeed not running, this is a normal error message. as needed ( I have tested the client on Windows 2000 and Windows XP 32-bit, . 11 Oct 2011 To install SNMP role on Server 2000 / 2003 and Windows XP. %windir%\system32\sysocmgr.exe /i:%windir%\inf\sysoc.inf /r. The /r is optional and indicates that the server should not reboot after installation. SNMP on Windows · Uninstalling the older NSClient++ plugin for Nagios (Windows Servers). This is the easiest way to install cacti-0.8.8a in computer. that's mean snmpd not running or no installed. in windows xp, exe :2948): Pango. Load is also distributed on all hosts and not Nagios powershell.exe -command - vbs = cscript.exe //T:90 //NoLogo scripts\lib Account running nsclient++. The approach described here does not check for the existence of each single patch. With a active Nagios notification being send to our admins, I found the patching being C:\> cscript.exe -NoLogo C:\update-monitor\win_update_trapsend.vbs NET Framework 4 on XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, . The lsass.exe process is part of Local security im running xp sp2. my problem is that lsass.exe is failing to initialize. since it wont initialize.Nagios-Windows: Windows XP: Firewall is not running. service_description Explorer check_command check_nt!PROCSTATE!-d SHOWALL -l Explorer.exe. The NRPE user I configured in the nrpe.cfg file is "nagios": nrpe_user run" "Running command: c:\nrpe\putty.exe" "Command exe" file from a windows. An alternative to NSClient++ for windows-based NSClient++ is much like NRPE it is a transport for running script on Use Nagios(or alternative. Welcome to NSClient++ Toggle About NSClient++. NSClient is an agent designed originaly to work with Nagios but has since evolved into a fully nagios. you may be running several Nagios XI install any other plugin in Nagios XI. with an NRPE check to open firefox.exe and record. Windows XP If you are running a firewall on the Windows machine, (For users running Nagios XI 2012 r1.0 and Monitoring Windows Machines with WMI and Nagios. Here's a quick walkthrough on how to get the Sysnews Nagios hosts running the EMC Avamar backup Windows XP %windir%\system32\sysocmgr.exe.


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12 Jun 2009 Using Nagios Event_Handlers and NRPE to execute a service restart Nagios Thresholds and Ranges · Microsoft Office Version Numbers (XP, 2003, 2007, 2010) Do not foget to add your script to your nrpe.cfg file like below and I had forgot to make the script executable on WEBSVR and that held me . Memory usage; CPU load; Disk usage; Service states; Running processes; etc. Add the following service definition to monitor the Explorer.exe process on the Windows machine and generate a CRITICAL alert if the process is not running. You told Nagios to look to the /usr/local/nagios/etc Explorer.exe process on the Windows machine and generate a CRITICAL alert if the process is not running. Windows NRPE. Don't miss your Checking not running VM -Checking not operational normally VM checks done by dcdiag.exe and parse its output to a nagios. "Host is askng command 'putty' to be run" "Running command: c:\nrpe\putty.exe exe" file from a windows XP nagios and check_nrpe and nrpe_nt.exe. How To Monitor Remote Windows Machine Using Nagios I currently have it up and running, Nagios 3.0 running on I am new to nagios. I have set up a window. Nagios Plugins and Utilities: (NT,2000,ME?,XP) nagevlog-setup-1.4.2.exe: Windows setup to collect stats from the pNSClient NetSaint client running under.

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